Don Hewson’s Children Fly


Charles James

The fifth book in the Don Hewson series

Chapter 1: Linda Donkin

My brother Derek is bringing girls home from the High School.

Derek thinks that the girls are just friends but at least one of the girls is completely smitten with Derek. Derek does not realise how attractive he is.

I talked with Emma about Derek.

We decided to leave Derek innocent for now. Derek has just turned twelve so Derek’s innocence will not last much longer.

My younger brother Colin has a mate called Eric who is very shy. Max Hewson and Colin and Eric used to be at the same class at Tryton Junior School before Max went to the Cathedral Choir School.

When Eric saw me roll Max on the carpet and tickle him Eric nearly wet himself with laughter.

I told Eric that if Eric is cheeky I will do the same to him. But if Eric isn’t cheeky I won’t.

I could see Eric thinking about whether he dared to be cheeky and deciding not to risk it. I hugged Eric anyway. The poor lad was embarrassed.

Eric comes to the bowling on Friday night and sometimes Eric stays over. There is a spare bed in Derek and Colin’s room.

Rebecca’s room is not occupied at the moment.

Max has a room to himself. Damien will move from Alice’s room to Max soon. Then Arthur is going to join Alice to free up Mr and Mrs Hewson’s bedroom for the new baby when she comes.

Derek was cross that he was not selected to be an accompanist for Charlotte Johnson.

Gerald Butler and Peter Wilkins and Max have at least a year more experience on the piano than Derek.

I said to Derek that I am going to try to do some singing outside the house. Derek is working with me on two play-lists of music. One is the kind of singing I can do in front of the Mormons or my elderly aunt if I had one. The other is what Malc Dow said was “after the watershed” raunchy nightclub music.

The TV program Director of Music is coming soon.

Derek has learned drumming for the TV program and Derek is on top of that. Derek also has a song that is very funny. It is about how grown-ups don’t listen. Derek will demonstrate that he is now very good on the piano, with me as singer. I have another chance to be noticed.

Colin is doing really well on the piano now. His guitar playing is great. Colin was a good singer anyway but Don arranged singing lessons for him.

Colin’s trombone playing is not good enough yet. Nor is my guitar playing or my euphonium playing.

My euphonium teacher is Colin’s trombone teacher. The teacher says that we need to play with a brass band.

He says we are technically competent. Now we need to be stretched. Nothing will stretch us faster than actually playing in public.

I can believe that!

The teacher says there are four brass bands within half an hour’s journey from Tryton. All of them would like a euphonium player. One of them is desperate for a trombonist. The teacher suggested we should go to see each band perform and then decide our order of preference.

Emma Hewson is very happy to be pregnant. She says that this child is the last. Emma is slowing down a bit.

We all help Emma.

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