Don Hewson’s Children Blossom

Don Hewson’s Children Blossom (Book 4 in the Don Hewson Series )

CHAPTER 1: Don Hewson

Mr Driburg telephoned me out of the blue. Mr Driburg is the agent for some of our children. Mr Driburg has negotiated some very good deals for the children.

Mr Hewson.

I have had an unusual request. So I am telephoning around my contacts, to see if I can find what my client is looking for.”


I am looking for two boys, probably brothers, who look so much like each other that one can be a character as a boy of about six, and the other the same character aged about ten.”


You have two boys like this?”


Shall I email you a photo?”

Yes, please.”

I emailed Mr Driburg a photo Sahid took at the Reunion Day on 28 December just gone. It showed Max and Dan and Janine singing together.

Mr Driburg rang again.

They look to me as possibly what my client is looking for.”

By any chance does the older boy play a musical instrument?”

The older boy plays guitar, accordion, saxophone, drums, and piano. He also sings very well. He is a Cathedral chorister. He is learning the organ.”

The younger boy is also a good singer.”

Would these boys be willing to act in a film?”

Well, Mr Driburg, if the money is right, I expect they would be willing to act in a film.”

I’ll get back to you.”

I did not say anything to the children. It is far too soon.

I told Emma of course.

Arthur is a lovely baby. He does not cry in the night much.

Arthur will let anybody cuddle him.

Max and Alice and Damien play with Arthur a lot. I think that every child interacts with Arthur.

We had prepared Damien for the fact that a new baby was coming. Damien is fine with Arthur.

Damien is now our “big boy” and Max is our “big son”.

Max said that really Max is our “biggest son”, so we have adopted Max’s grammarian pedantry. Arthur is our son, Damien is our “big son” and Max is our “biggest son”.

Damien likes to be our “big son”.

Damien is walking and running pretty well. We are going through the “terrible twos” at the moment but Damien is not a toad really.

Damien cries when we leave Alice at the nursery school. Damien does not like to abandon Alice.

Alice loves nursery school.

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