Don Hewson Novels



Charles James


“The story line kept me reading until 2am. And then I dreamed about Mr Hewson. He was fighting a lion.”

Interesting character Mr H – Leopold Bloom under cover of Jeeves – formerly Lisbeth Salander”

Don Hewson is a hero for our time. He sees a need and he steps up to the mark.”

Don Hewson just does. He does not ask anyone for help or permission.”

Don Hewson Wins Tombola

By Charles James (The first book in the “Don Hewson” series.)

[In which we meet Don Hewson, Emma Brown, Max Meglin, the Wilkins children, the Miah children, and the Daar children. We meet a police officer, social workers, and some other interesting folk.

In this “feel good” novel we have violence, deaths, adult sex, teenage sex, a teenage pregnancy dilemma, a child in Intensive Care, adult pregnancies, more violence, births, a voice from the grave, a fairy godmother, more deaths, a wedding, and a honeymoon. We have love, good humour, and happiness.]

CHAPTER 1: Don Hewson

The last time I lit up a cigarette a lot of people were killed. I was shot four times and I killed some people.

I did not enjoy my service in Northern Ireland.

At the time I was a very young sergeant in the Pay Corps of the British Army. The Pay Corps were technically soldiers but even in Northern Ireland we did not normally carry weapons.

I was visiting a unit of the Westmoreland Regiment (“the Westies”) to audit their pay records. The adjutant who ran the unit was a health fanatic who did not allow smoking in the Command Office. After nearly two hours of auditing I stepped out into the yard for a breath of air and to smoke a cigarette.

In Belfast in the 1970s the British Army wore protective clothing almost all the time. The Westies’ yard was enclosed and safe. I did not need to put on my flak jacket and my helmet just to smoke a cigarette.

I was stood in the yard thinking that my life in the Army Pay Corps was boring. What should I do?

I decided to smoke the cigarette.

I moved around a corner to where the health fanatic would not be able to see me. I lit up.

The gates opened for an Army truck to come in. It was on a regular supply run, probably carrying food and toilet rolls.

While the gates were open a Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) came in through the open gates. The grenade went straight through a window into the Command Office where I had been working. It was either a very lucky shot or a very good shot.

Immediately after the RPG exploded snipers started shooting into the yard.

The angles saved me. The snipers could not see me.

I ran to the gateway avoiding the kill zone and I closed one of the gates. I looked out of a small window in the gate I had closed and I identified where the shooting was coming from.

I ran across the open part of the gateway to where I was safe again and then I closed the second gate.