Don Hewson’s Children Launch




Book 6 in the Don Hewson Series

CHapter 1: Mark Johnson
When I returned from China I went through the Red “Something To Declare” Customs channel.
I declared the gold memento Mr Wong gave me.
I was quite impressed with the Customs people. They weighed the memento. They dipped it in water to establish its volume. They did some calculations.
The memento may look like solid gold but the Customs people told me that the memento is in fact mainly steel with only a very thin gold coating. I had virtually no import duty to pay.
Don was at Manchester Airport to meet me. On the way home Don caught me up with all the events that have happened while I have been away.
My appointment with Cecil Byram is at twelve tomorrow morning. Cecil is going to take me to lunch.
I have an appointment to see Bishop Singleton on Friday evening.
Don had one important piece of news for me. Karen Byram is seeing a young man. Giles is in the year above Karen at the College.
I told Don that I am fine with that. I am happy for Karen. I hope that Karen ends up with a good man. I wish Karen well.
I had lots of hugs and cuddles with my family and all the girls and little children. I roughed Robert Graham and Max Hewson and Colin Donkin because they wanted it. Then I hugged them because they wanted that, too.
There are a bunch of new children, Don’s grandchildren. They seem nice enough children.
I am not on kitchen rota until next week. Don thinks it will be a few days before I get over my jet lag, so I am free to do whatever I like.
I checked my bank account online. I am still being paid my profit share, but it seems down from what it should be. I will check with Cecil.
On the morning after I returned I went to our Church.
I sat quietly with The Lord Jesus Christ for over an hour. Neither of us spoke aloud, but I felt better afterwards.
Praying in my container had not been as satisfactory.
After a while I came home.
I borrowed a car and I drove to Willerton. Cecil and I had a good lunch.
Apparently the weekly reports and the photos that I have been sending to College have very much impressed the College. The first exam is in a month’s time. I am requested to pop into College to speak to my tutors.
Cecil was relieved that I already know about Giles. Cecil is also happy that I am pleased for Karen.
Giles is a grandson of a long established bed manufacturer in Meldon. .
I did not say anything to Cecil but I think it must be awful to go through life as somebody’s grandson or somebody’s son or daughter rather than as your own person.
“Do you, Karen, daughter of Byram’s Bearings take Giles, grandson of Meldon Beds to be your lawful wedded husband?”
I am my own man, whoever I am.
Cecil debriefed me about my experiences in China. What have I learned?
I said that the most important thing I have learned is about the benefits of planning a project in meticulous detail. The job had gone very smoothly because I had planned it properly.
The Project Management books Cecil had lent me had been very useful in helping me to plan the project.
I am now not frightened to be on my own in a foreign country.
I feel enormously proud of having moved a foundry before my eighteenth birthday.
I told Cecil that I am due to see Bishop Singleton on Friday for a discussion about the missionary application. Assuming Bishop Singleton is supportive I will put myself forward to become a missionary.


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